Who Is Like You?

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I will sing forever about the evidence of your mercy, O Lord. I will tell about your faithfulness to every generation.I said, “Your mercy will last forever. Your faithfulness stands firm in the heavens.”

⌊You said,⌋ “I have made a promise Or “covenant.” to my chosen one. I swore this oath to my servant David: ‘I will make your dynasty continue forever. I built your throne to last throughout every generation.’” Selah [vss 1-4]

O Lord, the heavens praise your miracles and your faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones. Who in the skies can compare with the Lord? Who among the heavenly beings is like the Lord?

God is terrifying in the council of the holy ones. He is greater and more awe-inspiring than those who surround him. [vss 5-7]

O Lord God of Armies, who is like you? Mighty Lord, even your faithfulness surrounds you.

You rule the raging sea. When its waves rise, you quiet them. You crushed Rahab; [Rahab is the name of a demonic creature who opposes God] it was like a corpse.

With your strong arm you scattered your enemies. [vss 8-10]

The heavens are yours. The earth is also yours. You made the world and everything in it. You created north and south. Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon sing your name joyfully.

Your arm is mighty. Your hand is strong. Your right hand is lifted high.

Righteousness and justice are the foundations of your throne. Mercy and truth stand in front of you. [vss 11-14]

Blessed are the people who know how to praise you. They walk in the light of your presence, O Lord.

They find joy in your name all day long. They are joyful in your righteousness because you are the glory of their strength. By your favor you give us victory.

Our shield belongs to the Lord. Our king belongs to the Holy One of Israel. [vss 15-18]

A maskil by Ethan the Ezrahite. (Psalms 89:1-18 GW)

How do you typically begin a prayer? Have you ever listened to how you address God in prayer?

The example for prayer the Lord Jesus gave His disciples begins with acknowledging who God is (Luke 11:1-4; Matt 6:9-13). This is critically important. Not the form but the perspective.

Just as north is the governing direction of a compass, realizing who the Lord is as God Almighty is our northpoint—our perspective, the One who provides true direction for our lives.

When we are in a place of desperation and despair, we tend to focus on our problem or on our self or both. But this psalm reminds us we need a right sense of perspective. We need to see God as greater than ourselves or our problems.

This psalm was likely written before the exile of Israel but during a time of moral and spiritual decline. It's called the Covenant Psalm because it proclaims the promise of the Davidic covenant related to the promise of the Messiah.

Even before their exile, Israel lost much of its sovereign freedom as a nation and already lost the favor of God. An important element of the Old Covenant and David Covenant was the promise of restoration, if and when God's people return to the Lord and His covenant.

Those of us who know the Lord Jesus through His covenant of grace also have the promise of restoration. And we also have the responsibility to return to God in repentance when our hearts wander away from Him.

Are you a believer but find yourself in a place of desperation?

Reset the compass of your life with God as your Northpoint. Remember who He is—great yet tender, Almighty and merciful.

[Psalm 89 is the last psalm in the third of the five books of the 150 collected Psalms]


Here's a worship song that expresses the similar theme of this psalm– Who Is Like Our God?

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I won't cover all 150 Psalms, but do selective devotionals through the rest of Psalms.

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You Alone Are God

Turn your ear ⌊toward me⌋, O Lord. Answer me, because I am oppressed and needy. Protect me, because I am faithful ⌊to you⌋. Save your servant who trusts you. You are my God.

Have pity on me, O Lord, because I call out to you all day long. Give me joy, O Lord, because I lift my soul to you. [vss 1-4]

You, O Lord, are good and forgiving, full of mercy toward everyone who calls out to you.

Open your ears to my prayer, O Lord. Pay attention when I plead for mercy. When I am in trouble, I call out to you because you answer me.

No god is like you, O Lord. No one can do what you do.

All the nations that you have made will bow in your presence, O Lord. They will honor you. Indeed, you are great, a worker of miracles. You alone are God. [vss 5-10]

Teach me your way, O Lord, so that I may live in your truth. Focus my heart on fearing you.

I will give thanks to you with all my heart, O Lord my God. I will honor you forever because your mercy toward me is great. You have rescued me from the depths of hell.

O God, arrogant people attack me, and a mob of ruthless people seeks my life. They think nothing of you.

But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and merciful God. You are patient, always faithful and ready to forgive.

Turn toward me, and have pity on me. Give me your strength because I am your servant. Save me because I am the son of your female servant.

Grant me some proof of your goodness so that those who hate me may see it and be put to shame. You, O Lord, have helped me and comforted me. [vss 11-17]

A prayer by David.  (Psalms 86:1-17 GW)

It's been said the most common prayer is summed up in one word. "Help!" Indeed, many of King David's psalms are poetic prayers of help.

He was slandered and chased by King Saul and later by his son Absalom. At other times, it was a call for deliverance from situations he brought on himself.

All throughout the psalms, all throughout David's life, he never lost sight of God. He knew God in a personal and intimate way. He understood God's greatness and nearness.

Look at David's proclamations to the Lord— "You, O Lord, are good and forgiving... No god is like you, O Lord ... You alone are God... But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and merciful God. You are patient, always faithful and ready to forgive. " (vss 5, 8, 10, 15)

David's pleas for help include a sense of confidence that God not only hears but will answer him. He also acknowledges his own need for drawing closer to the Lord and learning His ways.

This psalm is an honest prayer of David's heart. It's not intended to be instructional and yet it is by example.

If you read through this psalm and reflect on King David's personal heart dialog with the Lord, you can gain some great insights to dynamic, interactive prayer.

Have you grown close enough in your relationship with God to pray in an honest yet confident way?

Read through this psalm several times in different Bible versions and hear King David's confident heart cry to God.


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I won't cover all 150 Psalms, but do selective devotionals through the rest of Psalms.

So if I skip one that you like... let me know and I'll try to cover it!

One Day in Your Courtyards

Your dwelling place is lovely, O Lord of Armies!

My soul longs and yearns for the Lord’s courtyards. My whole body shouts for joy to the living God.

Even sparrows find a home, and swallows find a nest for themselves. There they hatch their young near your altars, O Lord of Armies, my king and my God.

Blessed are those who live in your house. They are always praising you. Selah [vss 1-4]

Blessed are those who find strength in you. Their hearts are on the road ⌊that leads to you⌋.

As they pass through a valley where balsam trees grow, they make it a place of springs. The early rains cover it with blessings.

Their strength grows as they go along until each one of them appears in front of God in Zion.

O Lord God, commander of armies, hear my prayer. Open your ears, O God of Jacob. Selah [vss 5-8]

Look at our shield, O God. Look with favor on the face of your anointed one.

One day in your courtyards is better than a thousand ⌊anywhere else⌋.

I would rather stand in the entrance to my God’s house than live inside wicked people’s homes.

The Lord God is a sun and shield. The Lord grants favor and honor.

He does not hold back any blessing from those who live innocently.

O Lord of Armies, blessed is the person who trusts you. [vss 9-12]

For the choir director; on the gittith; a psalm by Korah’s descendants. (Psalms 84:1-12 GW)

The tent (or tabernacle) during the time of Moses, and later the temple King Solomon built, represented the dwelling place of God on earth. Moses was told to build the tent (tabernacle) according to the pattern God gave him (Heb 8:5).

When the people of Israel traveled through the desert wilderness and then into the Promised Land, the tent of God's presence was a place of strength and security for them. It reminded God's people that their God was a living God, present with them, and His protection was more powerful than any army on earth.

When Israel was taken captive and exiled from their land—first by the Assyrian empire, then by Babylon—they longed for the assurance of God's presence and protection. God gave His people a promise that wherever they were, when they returned to trusting in Him and repenting of their unfaithfulness and sin, God would restore them.

This psalm has three parts to it. First, a longing for God's presence and the contentment it brings to a person's soul, then the assurance of God's protecting strength because of His presence. Finally, the psalmist lifts up his lyrical prayer of trust in the personal blessing that trust in God brings.

The Lord is a sun and shield who brings favor and honor, so the psalmist says,

"One day in your courtyards is better than a thousand ⌊anywhere else⌋.

Does it seem like God is far from you right now?

He isn't far away at all, just draw near to Him with an open heart.

Here's one of my favorite songs taken from this psalm— Better Is One Day

Here's an older song from Psalm 84— How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place


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I won't cover all 150 Psalms, but do selective devotionals through the rest of Psalms.

So if I skip one that you like... let me know and I'll try to cover it!

You Are Gods

God takes his place in his own assembly. He pronounces judgment among the gods:

“How long are you going to judge unfairly? How long are you going to side with wicked people?” Selah

Defend weak people and orphans. Protect the rights of the oppressed and the poor. Rescue weak and needy people. Help them escape the power of wicked people.

Wicked people do not know or understand anything. As they walk around in the dark, all the foundations of the earth shake.  [vss1-5]

I said, “You are gods. You are all sons of the Most High.

You will certainly die like humans and fall like any prince.”

Arise, O God! Judge the earth, because all the nations belong to you. [vss6-8]

A psalm by Asaph. (Psalms 82:1-8 GW)

A verse from this psalm is quoted by Jesus when confronted by Jewish leaders about His statement of being one with the Father (John 10:30-33).

Jesus said to them, “Don’t your Scriptures say, ‘I said, “You are gods” ’? (John 10:34)

This causes confusion for some people because of a lack of context for understanding it.

All humans were originally created in the image of God [imago dei] (Gen 1:26-27). But no human is God, although some people may claim to be or hope to become so.

The psalmist becomes a spokesperson for God who rebukes the leaders of Israel, and all nations, for poor leadership and injustice. Because people were originally created in God's image, God expects those in roles of leadership to uphold God's values not their own.

This is why the role of a judge carries great responsibility. It's modeled on the judges who assisted Moses with the leadership of Israel (Exodus 18:18-27). The judges who assisted Moses had delegated authority from Moses who received his authority directly from God.

Don't we expect a similar level of responsibility from our judges and leaders? Isn't this what all people in all nations hope for in their leaders?

And yet, we see much injustice, along with a shirking of responsibility by too many leaders, who make decisions affecting the lives of those under their authority.

Look at what is expected—"Defend... Protect... Rescue... Help...." This is what God expects of anyone in a position of authority over others. Not only judges in courts and government leaders, but among supervisors and even parents.

Each of us is a role model for others in our various roles in life. Each of us has the image of God imprinted in our being.

How do you promote justice and carry responsibility in your life towards others?


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I won't cover all 150 Psalms, but do selective devotionals through the rest of Psalms.

So if I skip one that you like... let me know and I'll try to cover it!

I Will Remember

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Loudly, I cried to God. Loudly, I cried to God so that he would open his ears to ⌊hear⌋ me. 

On the day I was in trouble, I went to the Lord for help. At night I stretched out my hands in prayer without growing tired. Yet, my soul refused to be comforted.

I sigh as I remember God. I begin to lose hope as I think about him. Selah

(You keep my eyelids open.) I am so upset that I cannot speak. [vss 1-4]

I have considered the days of old, the years long ago.I remember my song in the night and reflect ⌊on it⌋. My spirit searches ⌊for an answer⌋:

Will the Lord reject ⌊me⌋ for all time? Will he ever accept me? Has his mercy come to an end forever? Has his promise been canceled throughout every generation?

Has God forgotten to be merciful? Has he locked up his compassion because of his anger? Selah

Then I said, “It makes me feel sick that the power of the Most High is no longer the same.” 

I will remember the deeds of the Lord. I will remember your ancient miracles. I will reflect on all your actions and think about what you have done. [vss 5-12]

O God, your ways are holy! What god is as great as our God?

You are the God who performs miracles. You have made your strength known among the nations. 

With your might you have defended your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph. Selah

The water saw you, O God. The water saw you and shook. Even the depths of the sea trembled. The clouds poured out water. The sky thundered. Even your arrows flashed in every direction.

The sound of your thunder rumbled in the sky. Streaks of lightning lit up the world. The earth trembled and shook.

Your road went through the sea. Your path went through raging water, but your footprints could not be seen.

Like a shepherd, you led your people. You had Moses and Aaron take them by the hand. [vss 13-20]

For the choir director; according to Jeduthun; a psalm by Asaph. (Psalms 77:1-20 GW)

It's easy to blame God when things are not going well. We pray and it seems our prayers are going up into an empty sky. Questioning God when He seems far away is common and this psalm echoes that.

A great beauty of the psalms is the open, honest expression of prayer seen throughout the collection of 150 songs of prayer and praise. Sometimes the honesty is surprisingly raw, and it may make us feel uncomfortable when we read them.

When we gather with other believers, we usually put on a brave face and confident words to mask the fear, doubt, anguish, even anger churning within our hearts and minds.

Psalms such this one strips off all pretense and bravado. We into a believer's struggle of faith and how they process things in prayer with God.

The Lord desires this kind of honesty in us. We tend to focus on external events and temporary situations, while God is concerned with the internal and eternal. @@God is working in our lives to develop our faith, our trust in Him@@.

After the psalmist airs his struggle, he remembers the foundation and focus of his faith in God.

The first half of the psalm reminds us that we all struggle with our faith. @@Faith without struggle is a facade and won't sustain a person when life is hard@@.

Once the psalmist expresses his struggle to God, his focus of God clears. His own struggles created a fog that obscured his vision of the Lord. His openness with God dissipates his doubt and he sees God for who He is—the Almighty and gracious Shepherd.

Do you see God for who He is or do you get stuck looking at yourself and circumstances?


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I won't cover all 150 Psalms, but do selective devotionals through the rest of Psalms.

So if I skip one that you like... let me know and I'll try to cover it!