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A common hook used for selling something is to offer a guarantee. Of course, the hook might come with some catches like time limits or other restrictions. It's the "money-back" guarantees that are most appealing.

You can also buy extended warranties and some credit cards even offer warranties. But remember, guarantees or warranties are only as good the one who issues it, whether it's a person or a company. Are they trustworthy? Will they stay in business?

Another limitation is whatever is being guaranteed. Any item or service, even a life insurance policy is limited because it's temporary. A life insurance policy is only in force while a person is alive and pays out when they die.

But what about a human soul? It's contained within a physical body but it exists beyond physical life. What kind of guarantee is there for life after death and eternity, or is there any? Again, it depends on who issues the guarantee.


The former requirements [the Law] are rejected because they are weak and useless. Moses’ Teachings couldn’t accomplish everything that God required. But we have something else that gives us greater confidence and allows us to approach God. [vss 18-19]

None of this happened without an oath. The men from the tribe of Levi may have become priests without an oath, but Jesus became a priest when God took an oath. God said about him, “The Lord has taken an oath and will not change his mind. You are a priest forever.” In this way Jesus has become the guarantee of a better promise. [vss 20-22] 

(Hebrews 7:18-22 GW) [Context– Hebrews 7]

Key phrase—

Jesus has become the guarantee of a better promise

Digging Deeper...

Review the Scriptures above as you answer the following questions

  • What is meant by, "the former requirements are rejected"?

  • In what way was the Law of Moses "weak and useless," and why couldn't it make anything perfect?

  • What gives believers a greater confidence and allows us to come near to God?

  • How did Jesus become the guarantee of a better promise?


Entering into the very presence of God and having the hope of eternal life is guaranteed—by Jesus. How does He guarantee this? Because He's indestructible!

Jesus died physically on the cross, but because He's eternal by nature He was resurrected from the dead. Jesus is our soul's personal guarantee.

Through a personal relationship with Jesus by God's grace, we have a better hope than was offered by the Law. So, we have the confidence to come into His presence at any time, in any circumstance (Heb 4:14-16).

Faith (personal trust) in Jesus needs to become more real to us than anything physical, that is, things in this world. The only way this will happen is through deepening our confidence in Him in all things and ways in our daily life. This requires genuine trust, not just theological beliefs.

Again, Jesus is our personal guarantee for eternal life, and He's also guaranteed our access into the very presence of God.

Make it personal...

Read through the Scripture text again as you consider and answer these questions

  • How does having a personal relationship with Jesus give us a better and lasting hope?

  • Do you personally have an assurance and genuine confidence to approach God in prayer and worship?

  • Has your faith grown in a way that your hope in Jesus seems more real and genuine?

  • How are you growing in your faith? Is your relationship with Jesus becoming deeper and closer?


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