Our Living Bridge

God is often misunderstood or simply unknown for many people. It ought not to be, but it is. Why? Ignorance and indifference are major factors, of course, but for those who claim to be believers, there's really no excuse.

God came to earth in human form. All four gospels give eyewitness accounts of this. Indeed, this is what the celebration of Christmas ought to be all about. And yet, misunderstandings and ignorance prevail.

For one thing, we tend to overemphasize the spiritual and overlook the human factor. Think about it. God once had flesh and bones, lived a daily life on earth, was part of a family, and in community with other people.

Jesus, the Son of God, experienced a real human life for over 30 years. Although in a different time in history and culture, He experienced life as we know it.

For all those who trust in Him, He is our living bridge to God the Father.

Full Access

When my family was young and I was a young father and pastor, finding a quiet time and place to study could be a challenge. As my children grew older, when I was in my small study at home, they understood I was at work on my messages for the church.

But it was different for the younger children, as my wife pointed out many times. They could burst into my little study anytime they wanted. Later, my church office staff learned that when my wife called, she had priority over who was in my office or what I was working on.

The Lord helped me see this is the access we have Him, even when we're older. We can burst into the Lord's presence whenever and whatever the need.

The door is never closed to the Father's presence for those of us who know Him as our Father. He always has time for us and gives us His full attention.