20 Years and Counting

DSC_1021 How can I put into words what is beyond expression? Even a photo, like the one above, doesn't capture the breadth of relationships and experiences we celebrated this past week.

Just twenty years ago, a small Bible college was established in the central region of the Visayas, in Dumaguete City, Philippines. We started off with a small student body—five people, and the following year our second class was even fewer. But year by year, the school grew and developed.


Over the years, many churches have been planted by our alumni, and some of those earlier ones planted more churches. Even Bible schools and extension campuses (non-English teaching) have been established in a few places, including Southern Thailand.


Missionaries, pastors, children's ministry leaders, and other workers have been equipped and sent out. Each alumni learned to serve in the ministry while they studied, and out internships helped cement what was learned in class.


Our celebration included some important reminders from God's Word through some of His servants, and we had some great fellowship.


It was a sweet time of worship, Word, prayer, and of course, we enjoyed some delicious food!


We also made time for fun!



Many of the alumni came as young men and women, some were teenagers, and now they have their own families. I've been privileged to be a part of their lives over the years.


It's been a treat for me seeing so many people I haven't seen in a long while, as well as those I see each year. The time has gone by too fast, and it's hard to say good-bye again, as I head back to my US-home.