Adopted and Accepted

IMG_3137 It’s an amazing thing to watch a child meet and bond with their adoptive family. My wife and I, with our daughters, witnessed this many, many times over the past two decades. It never gets old.

For us and our Filipino staff, it was a bittersweet time. It was sad to say goodbye, but seeing this union filled us with great joy. We saw adoptive parents from many parts of the world come greet their children. Language barriers melted away with love and affection.

We also saw some of the children we cared for reunite with their families of origin. This reminds me of God’s restoring love for those who return to Him and trust in Him again.

The church worldwide is like a huge blended family. We may look different on the outside, we may sound different, and even have different customs, but we’re of the same family. Read more...

This was originally posted at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale's Daily Devo blog— Adopted and Accepted

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