Book Signing


Yesterday I had the privilege of sharing a message at my former home church and making my newly published book available. Because it was like "coming home" in many ways, I was asked to sign several of the books sold. It was a new and somewhat overwhelming experience.

It was also fun to reconnect with people my wife and I had built relationships with over the past several years. It was a privilege to share the message to the church family while their pastor (my good friend, Keith) was away doing ministry. They have been generous and faithful supporters for many years.

It was a busy weekend in many ways, so I'm behind in my usual posting. So, next week I'll resume the topic I left off from last week.

So far, I've gotten some good feedback from those who are reading through the book. If you haven't checked it out, here's the link– The Mystery of the Gospel. It's also available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but it benefits me a bit more if you get it at the Westbow site (and the e-book is only $.99!).

I'm hoping to get the book in some local places (in the Jacksonville, FL area). If you've read it and like it, please post a review of it (on the site you buy it from and on FaceBook, Twitter, etc.) and spread the word. Thanks!