“Teach me, O Lord, about the end of my life. Teach me about the number of days I have left so that I may know how temporary my life is. Indeed, you have made the length of my days only a few inches. My life span is nothing compared to yours. Certainly, everyone alive is like a whisper in the wind. Selah [pause, think]
And now, Lord, what am I waiting for? My hope is in you! Rescue me from all my rebellious acts. With stern warnings you discipline people for their crimes [sin]. Like a moth you eat away at what is dear to them. Certainly, everyone is like a whisper in the wind. (Ps 39:4-5, 7-8, 11 GW)

Do we consider how fragile life is? How short life on earth is compared to eternity? Something to reflect on. ©Tkbeyonddevo2012