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WS-devo_PMSSome people are like land that gets plenty of rain. The land produces a good crop for those who work it, and it receives God’s blessings. Other people are like land that grows thorns and weeds and is worthless. It is about to be cursed by God and will be destroyed by fire. Dear friends, we are saying this to you, but we really expect better things...that will lead to your salvation. God is fair; he will not forget the work you did and the love you showed for him by helping his people...he will remember... We want each of you to go on become lazy. Be like those who through faith and patience will receive what God has promised. (Hebrews 6:7-12 NCV) Perseverance by faith is undervalued and unappreciated by many. Yet it is key to genuine, authentic faith. ©Word-Strong_2014