Embracing Fire

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Hollywood and other media glorify sexual immorality. It sells well. It's easy to blame Hollywood, but who watches it? People! If people don't pay to watch it, it won't sell and it won't be so popular.

Pornography is a multi-billion dollar market. What's staggering are the hundreds-of-thousands of families that are devastated by it. Not to mention the "business" ventures that feed off the porno business, like sex-trafficking.

The lure of illicit sex, including various forms of adultery, has become a plague, and it's claiming too many victims.


You cannot carry hot coals against your chest without burning your clothes, and you cannot walk on hot coals without burning your feet. The same is true if you have sexual relations with another man’s wife. Anyone who does so will be punished. [vss 27-29]

People don’t hate a thief when he steals because he is hungry. But if he is caught, he must pay back seven times what he stole, and it may cost him everything he owns. [vss 30-31]

A man who takes part in adultery has no sense; he will destroy himself. He will be beaten up and disgraced, and his shame will never go away. Jealousy makes a husband very angry, and he will have no pity when he gets revenge. He will accept no payment for the wrong; he will take no amount of money. [vss 32-35]

(Proverbs 6:27-35 NCV) [Context– Proverbs Chap 6:20-35]

Key phrase

A man who takes part in adultery has no sense; he will destroy himself

Digging Deeper...

  1. What are the figurative pictures given in this warning? What was (the author) Solomon's history when it came to wives and concubines?
  2. Why do you think these illustrations are made so graphic? How does the statement about the person stealing bread fit into this discussion?
  3. What does are we told will take place to the one committing adultery? What other types of "beating" do people experience because of involvement with adultery?
  4. What does it say about the husband of the adulteress? Why would this be so? Who else may suffer from adultery?

Make it personal...

Have you experienced the burning passion of lust? Have you acted upon it? If so, was it worth the consequences?

Have you been the victim of adultery, either as a spouse or child? If so, have you experienced God's restoration yet?

How can a person who commits adultery be restored? What is needed for restoration, since no "payment" can be made?


Today's American culture seems to accept adultery and unfaithfulness as normal. Sure, it may still make headlines splashed across the tabloids in the supermarket, but it's become commonplace, almost expected. And yet, it is just as destructive as it's always been throughout history.

Two forces are at work—the obsessive nature of lust and the destructive nature of unfaithfulness. Neither one can be ignored or dismissed. Their consequences linger long after the initial experience. Their ripple effect cannot be controlled.

There is no escape and no payoff to be made that will resolve it all. Only one solution is viable—turning to the One who can restore, while turning away from what destroys. The choice is not so easy. It requires humility and surrender.

On the part of those victimized by adultery and unfaithfulness, it requires forgiveness to be set free from the grip of bitterness and hurt. This too is a choice, and God is the only one who can bring true restoration.