From Inside

WS-devo_PMSJesus said, “...listen... understand what I am saying. There is nothing people put into their bodies that makes them unclean. People are made unclean by the things that come out of them. Surely you know nothing that enters someone from the outside can make that person unclean. It does not go into the mind, but into the stomach. Then it goes out of the body. (he meant no food [is] unclean for people to eat.) The things that come out of people are the things that make them unclean... evil things begin inside people, in the mind: evil thoughts, sexual sins, stealing, murder, adultery, greed, evil actions, lying, doing sinful things, jealousy, speaking evil of others, pride, and foolish living. (Mark 7:14, 15, 18-22 NCV) What defiles you? Beware! Be alert to what comes out of your heart and mouth, than what goes into your mouth. ©Word-Strong_2014