Give and Share

This year we have much to be thankful for as we begin 2012. There were some lean times for Rainbow this past year, since many of our supporters have gone through economic difficulties. But the Lord has continued showing usHe's our provider.

One of the ways we were blessed this past year, reaching into this new year, is through a special project in Norway. One of our adoptive families helped organize a "Give and Share" open market. It was sponsored through the Julsundet School in Norway. They held what we call in America a rummage sale, in the Philippines it would be called ukay-ukay—selling various things from clothing to toys to food for raising funds.


They wanted to give from what they have to help us care for the children here at Rainbow. We are amazed at the incredible amount of funds they raised, and we are very blessed with their care and generosity! Here are some of the ways we've utilized these funds for the benefit of the children— a new TV and DVD player for the children to watch videos, a new washing machine (our staff wash a lot of clothes!), a new CD player for the children to hear their music, some wonderful toys for Christmas, and a long overdue remodeling of our kitchen (sink and counter) where a lot of delicious and healthy food is prepared.


Something wonderful about all this is how a link with an adoptive family in another country blesses our children (and staff who care for them), while providing work for a pastor friend and his crew, helping them and their ministry. God is good and we are blessed! Thank you Lord for all your blessings!