Haggling with God

Photo credit: unsplash.com_SKunze My wife and I served as missionaries in the Philippines for many years. We often hosted guests and mission teams, and while they were visiting, we’d take them to local shops for T-shirts and souvenirs.

I remember one visitor who prided himself on being a great bargain hunter. He spent inordinate amounts of time negotiating prices and haggling over small change.

We tried to help our guest understand the local vendors’ need to feed their families. We explained that this was their only livelihood, but this man didn’t see it that way. He enjoyed wearing down the vendors for small amounts of money.

He couldn’t accept that his overbearing and arrogant attitude shamed the vendor and embarrassed us. He saw his wrangling as good stewardship. Continue reading

When have you found yourself haggling with God?

How have you tried to justify yourself with God?

This is a guest post on Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale’s Daily Devo blog. Click on the link to read more– Haggling with God!


Next week I plan to return to the devo's in Romans, thanks for reading and sharing!