How Much More

W-S Devo But when Christ came as the high priest of the good things we now have, he entered the greater and more perfect tent. It is not made by humans and does not belong to this world. Christ entered the Most Holy Place only once—and for all time.

He did not take with him the blood of goats and calves. His sacrifice was his own blood, and by it he set us free from sin forever. The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a cow are sprinkled on the people who are unclean, and this makes their bodies clean again.

How much more is done by the blood of Christ. He offered himself through the eternal Spirit as a perfect sacrifice to God. His blood will make our consciences pure from useless acts so we may serve the living God. (Hebrews 9:11-14 NCV)

Our own efforts at purifying ourselves are useless, like the old covenant promise, they can not make us pure or free. Which do you choose—religious ceremony or genuine, spiritual freedom? A clean appearance or a clear conscience?

The perfect sacrifice of Jesus—Victor over sin, death and the devil—brings true freedom, as we trust in Him. ©Word-Strong_2014