It Was A Blue (and Beautiful) Monday at Apo

Apo-Pano It could have been a blue Monday since it was the day after our reunion. Might have been, if we stuck around and talked about the closing of our ministry (Rainbow Village). But it wasn't.

IMG_3428A group of us—Aussies, Filipinos, and Americans—had a great day snorkeling at Apo Island (Philippines). It's a great island for scuba diving and snorkeling, off the southern coast of Negros Oriental (our island).

The view above is a 180 degree panoramic view of the cove we enjoyed.

You can see the island on the horizon (photo on right), as we set out in the morning.

IMG_3435Not a lot to say here... too busy with people and watching turtles, tropical fish, and checking out coral.

So, I'll just let you enjoy the pics.

I'm working on a follow-up post from the weekend.

IMG_3439Eventually, we had to head back home to Rainbow...