Not Perfect

WS-devo_PMSThe first promise had rules for the priests’ service. A tent was set up. The first part of this tent was called the holy place. Behind the second curtain was the part of the tent called the most holy place. But only the chief priest went into the second part of the tent. Once a year he entered and brought blood that he offered for himself and for the things that the people did wrong unintentionally. The Holy Spirit used this to show that the way into the most holy place was not open while the tent was still in use. The first part of the tent is an example for the present time. The gifts and sacrifices... could not give the worshiper a clear conscience. These gifts and sacrifices were meant to be food, drink, and items used in various purification ceremonies... required for the body until God would establish a new way of doing things. (Hebrews 9:1-3, 7-10 GW)

The first promise—the old covenant—was not perfect, but temporary. It was physical and external, not spiritual and internal. So, why do we continue to fuss over external things, as if they were spiritual and eternal in nature? The New Covenant, a promise by grace, brings internal transformation. It's not focused on external issues. ©Word-Strong_2014