WS-devo_PMSEvery year the chief priest went into the holy place to make a sacrifice with blood that isn’t his own. However, Christ didn’t go into heaven to sacrifice himself again and again. Otherwise, he would have had to suffer many times since the world was created. But now, at the end of the ages, he has appeared once to remove sin by his sacrifice. People die once, and after that they are judged.

Likewise, Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of humanity, and after that he will appear a second time. This time he will not deal with sin, but he will save those who eagerly wait for him. (Hebrews 9:25-28 GW)

Once. Once is all the Lord Jesus needed to offer Himself as the perfect reconciling sacrifice for humanity. Only once! He doesn't need to suffer many times and we don't need to "get saved" more than once.

We need to walk with Him—the resurrected Lord—in faith, waiting faithfully for His return, and honoring Him with our life. ©Word-Strong_2014