Pregnant with Harm

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You can't reason with a two-year old child. They haven't learned how to reason. They haven't had enough life experience, and they're still learning right from wrong.

You also can't reason with a person whose conscience hasn't developed, regardless of their age. Why? Because their sense of right and wrong is limited or non-existent.

We may say we want justice and fairness, but do we really? Are we willing to start with ourselves?


A shiggaion [meditation] by David; he sang it to the Lord about the ⌊slanderous⌋ words of Cush, a descendant of Benjamin.

O Lord my God, I have taken refuge in you. Save me, and rescue me from all who are pursuing me. Like a lion they will tear me to pieces and drag me off with no one to rescue me. O Lord my God, if I have done this— if my hands are stained with injustice, if I have paid back my friend with evil or rescued someone who has no reason to attack me— then let the enemy chase me and catch me. Let him trample my life into the ground. Let him lay my honor in the dust. Selah [vss 1-5]

Arise in anger, O Lord. Stand up against the fury of my attackers. Wake up, my God. You have already pronounced judgment. Let an assembly of people gather around you. Take your seat high above them.

The Lord judges the people of the world. Judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness, according to my integrity. Let the evil within wicked people come to an end, but make the righteous person secure, O righteous God who examines thoughts and emotions. [vss 6-9]

My shield is God above, who saves those whose motives are decent. God is a fair judge, a God who is angered by injustice every day. If a person does not change, God sharpens his sword. By bending his bow, he makes it ready ⌊to shoot⌋. He prepares his deadly weapons and turns them into flaming arrows.

See how that person conceives evil, is pregnant with harm, and gives birth to lies. He digs a pit and shovels it out. Then he falls into the hole that he made ⌊for others⌋. His mischief lands back on his own head. His violence comes down on top of him.

I will give thanks to the Lord for his righteousness. I will make music to praise the name of the Lord Most High. [vss 10-17]

(Psalm 7:1-17 GW) [Context– Psalm 7]

Key phrase— O Lord my God, I have taken refuge in you

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Digging Deeper...

Review the Scriptures above as you answer the following questions

How does this psalm begin, and what does King David declare to the Lord?

What does David say regarding himself? On what basis does he ask God to judge him?

What are David's declarations about God? How does he express his trust in God?

What is said about the person who "conceives evil" and is "pregnant with harm"?


Our knee-jerk reaction when accused is to justify our self and project blame. A young child doesn't try to cover up doing something that's wrong until they've learned right from wrong.

The honesty of King David in his prayers to God is refreshing and encouraging. A full range of emotions is displayed. He may plead his case with God, but he's willing to be examined and judged by his own integrity of heart. That's genuine faith in God.

Think about it. That's a deep trust in God's mercy, grace, and goodness (Heb 11:6). It's childlike faith, just as Jesus said we are to have (Luke 18:17).

But what about justice? When people wrong us shouldn't they be held accountable?

When we choose the Lord as our refuge and shield, trusting Him implicitly, we can trust Him with whatever injustices are done to us. We need to trust God with those who dig pits for us. He'll take care of us and them.

Make it personal...

Read through the Scripture text again as you consider and answer these questions

Have you suffered the consequences of your own poor choices and felt it was unfair?

Do you go to God first when you experience injustice? Or, are you quick to defend yourself or place blame?

Do you trust the Lord to judge your own integrity of heart and be your refuge and shield?

Are you able to be fully honest with God in prayer, and trust in His goodness?

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