Spirituality and the Value and Danger of Electricity

©tkbeyond/word-strong.com Electricity is very useful. It can also be dangerous.

Our present lifestyle requires electricity. We need it for lights and appliances, including our computers, tablets, smart phones, and wi-fi. If there's a problem with your car, technicians hook it up to a diagnostic computer.

Electricity, not just its discovery, but how to harness it, has revolutionized the way we live. A bit of understatement, huh?

Though valuable and useful, it can be dangerous unless it is properly grounded. Spirituality is similar. (Tweet this)


Electricity needs to be grounded to stabilize it. This makes it both safe and useful. Likewise, spirituality, that is, spiritual truth, needs to be grounded in a proper way. (Tweet this)

What is the grounding for spiritual truth? God's Word. The written Word of God, the Bible, stabilizes spiritual truth. (Tweet this) It grounds it. Just as electricity needs to be grounded to be safe and useful, so also spiritual truth needs to be grounded to God's written Word, the Bible.

Why does lightning strike the ground from the clouds? It's attracted by the positive charges (electrons) in the earth (the ground). The atmosphere, filled with storm clouds, contains an immense amount of scattered negative electric charges. When they gather together, these negative charges seek the positive charged ground. [Lightning]

This is why it's not good to be on exposed ground in an electrical storm!



The natural world is God's illustration book for understanding spiritual truth. (Psalm 19:1-4; Rom. 1:20) (Tweet this) So, electricity's need to be grounded can help us understand the need for spiritual truth to be grounded.

When I was seeking truth, I wandered through the maze of philosophies and religions available on earth. It was confusing. I also found it to be quite impersonal.

Have you ever flown on a plane caught in an electrical storm? It's exciting to say the least! Bounced around in those clouds full of electrical power, being safe on the ground is desirable.

That's how I felt in my search for truth.

One constant for me was reading the Bible each day. I did so for a couple of years during my search. I didn't understand much, but it stabilized me. Bounced around from one thought to another, I saw consistency and stability in the Bible. It kept pointing me to a person. That person was Jesus. (Tweet this)

Here are a couple interesting things I've discovered. Jesus Christ (the Messiah) is known as the Word (John 1:1, 14), which lines up with the account of creation in Genesis 1 where it says, "...and God said...." At the end of the Bible, in Rev 19:11-16, He is known as, "The Word of God."

It's personal

God's truth, as recorded in the Bible, is personal. Unlike the ungrounded, impersonal philosophies and religions of the world, it is grounded in the person of Jesus. (Tweet this)  As He told the expert teachers of the Law (the Pharisees)—

You study the Scriptures in detail because you think you have the source of eternal life in them. These Scriptures testify on my behalf. Yet, you don’t want to come to me to get ⌊eternal⌋ life. (John 5:39-40 GW)

What's your experience with reading the Bible? Do you understand it or find it difficult? (Tweet this)

Are you searching for answers? Are you uncertain about what is true, or are you confused by man's opinions and ideas about truth? (Tweet this)

The Bible is not just a collection of spiritual truths, it's God's Story. His story of redemption. (Tweet this) It is a written revelation of truth so we may know God in a personal way.

Would you like to know God, or understand Him better? Start reading, or listening to, Gods Word, the Bible. (Tweet this)

The important thing is to read it or listen to it each day. Even if it's only a few verses a day. This is the purpose for my Word-Strong devos posted three times a week. (Tweet this) And think about what you are reading or listening to throughout the day.

Where do you start?

There are many resources available online. If you're reading this online, then you probably have access to most of them. Various reading plans can be found and followed, and several devotional readings are available.

Here are some links to get you started—