Talking About It or Doing It?

Photo credit: Sergei Kutrovski What is discipleship? When that question is asked many responses come. Most responses focus on the idea of teaching and training. They often describe some formal approach—a curriculum, a classroom, or book.

But is there more to discipleship than that? Or is it more simple?

More importantly, does the church do more talking about it than doing it?

Thinking is not doing

Western thinkers (re: Americans) tend to over-analyze things. It doesn't matter what—philosophy, religion, or how to do something. But over-analysis tends to breed paralysis. We tend to do more thinking and talking about something than doing it. (Tweet or Share this)

The topic of discipleship seems to be one of those things we think and talk about a lot within the Christian community. (Tweet or Share this) But are we doing it more than talking about it? (Tweet or Share this)

Photo credit: Sergei Kutrovski

This past week I had another opportunity to share about discipleship with some young people. I shared some basics of discipleship with a new batch of faces at the local YWAM base. They are part of of a DTS course that includes 12 weeks of class time and a 2 month missions outreach overseas.

A simple truth

I shared a simple truth—when we share the gospel with others and they enter God's Kingdom, we, as believers, have the responsibility of discipling them. (Tweet or Share this) Sadly, this is an area where the American church is woefully weak. Is it because we see it as the responsibility of the pastor or the church?

Indeed, it is the church's responsibility, but every believer is a part of the church. It is all of our responsibility to disciple others. (Tweet or Share this)

In going through previous notes and outlines, I came across something prepared for missionaries on the field. They are not mere bullet points of truth, but open-ended questions.

Questions to consider

These questions are designed to challenge and stir a person's heart to reflect on where things stand in relationship to the Lord, and responsibility toward others. Here they are in brief form—

  • How is your relationship with the Lord? Are you in a time of growth or a dry spell? (Tweet or Share this)
  • What are you doing with your time? Is it well spent as far as the Kingdom of God? (Tweet or Share this)
  • Are you being faithful in the responsibilities you have and are committed to? (Tweet or Share this)
  • Who are you discipling? Who are you investing your life and time into for God's kingdom? (Tweet or Share this)
  • Are you accountable to anyone but God? If so, does this person know this and do you meet with them regularly? (Tweet or Share this)

These are simple, basic questions we can ask ourselves from time to time. When we do, we need to be honest with God and ourselves. When we come up short, and we all will, we need to make things right with God. (Tweet or Share this)

These questions also reflect the need of every believer to be discipled, as well to disciple others. (Tweet or Share this)

It's time to do it, not talk about it. The world around us, our own nation, needs people who are followers of Jesus ready to lead others into God's kingdom. (Tweet or Share this)