In America, we've already entered autumn, a season of change between summer and winter. It means saying goodbye to summer (which I'd rather not do), and looking ahead to winter (which I don't care for so much). This is one of many reasons Dumaguete City (in the Philippines) is still like home for Susan and I. It's warm (some would say hot) most of the time, although it does cool down from November through January. And that's when we'll be there this year! Susan and I leave in 10 days for a 3 month visit.

Although we normally visit Rainbow once or twice a year to check on things, encourage the staff, and reconnect with the children and our many friends in Dumaguete, there's another priority this year. There will be a transition in our missionary staff who oversee the ministry work at Rainbow. Our long time RN volunteer, Karen Tellefson, will be moving back to the US, along with our Program Directors, Mike and Sheryl Yost, and their son, Aaron. They've served at Rainbow for several years and it's time for them to reconnect with family, and the next season of life God has planned for them. We appreciate their service, and will miss them greatly!

At one point, Susan and I considered the possibility of moving back over to the Philippines. But while praying on this, God raised up a friend of ours who had served with us before—Alicia Heinz. She will be coming over in mid-November, and Karen and the Yosts will be leaving in early November. Susan and I plan to arrive in time for a Despidida (going away party) for the Yosts and Karen, the first weekend of November. It will be a busy time for sure, but we're looking forward to it!

Another thing we're looking forward to is an updated Rainbow website. I've been working on this for a while, having to learn as I go, but it should be operational soon. The hard part is maintaining the artisitic design our daughter, Leanna, had developed with the current one. So, it won't be as pretty, but we'll be able to update things from both sides of the ocean much easier. So, keep looking for the new site, it should be done within days (I hope!).

We'd appreciate your prayers for Rainbow during this season of change. We're not expecting problems, but there definitely will be some adjustments. We're going from a missionary staff of three, down to one. Thankfully, we have a great national staff who keep things operating! We are praying for God to bring another missionary volunteer with RN skills, so please pray with us for that. Another prayer request is for someone with handyman skills. We're in "maintenance mode" with lots of buildings and a couple vehicles. So, Alicia could definitely use some help. We continue trusting the Lord for His provision of support and staff, as He has always been so faithful to do.

Again, thanks for your prayers and support! Enjoy the autumn and winter while we enjoy our home away from home.