Updates from Alicia for Jan/Feb 2012

Here's some quick updates from Alicia Heinz, our new field director. Enjoy the photo collage she made (at end of this post) & please keep her in prayer, she's our only missionary staff on site at Rainbow. Thanks!

We started the month by celebrating New Year’s Eve, and my birthday (Jan 1!)

The Kimball’s finally left and returned to the states. (I really do miss Susan.)

We took in 2 new boys: ages 7 and 2 (or so we estimate); they’d been abandoned.

A staff member of 16 years retired and we had an all-staff despedida (a going away party) for her.

We have several construction projects planned for the year and have just completed having the office roof painted and are now just starting to replace the damaged flooring on the outdoor patio. Next is repair work and painting of my house.

Had a birthday party for one of our little boys who just turned 1 year old!

Planted several new trees on the property (3 in front of my house =D) ‘cept now it looks like 2 died!!

We provided the money and supplies to install a water line for one of our past agape girl’s family. (She had to walk for 30 mins. just to get water in a can and then take it back to her house!) Now she, her husband, and 2 little babies can get clean water!!

We gave out over 90,000 pesos in relief money (over $2000) to staff and school sponsorship students whose homes and belongings were damaged during the Sendong flooding.

Started up a staff bible study (we meet 2x’s a week), and a missionary ladies’ prayer meeting.

A group of sorority/fraternity college young people came for a visit and brought snacks for our children and stayed and played and read stories to them.

We hosted visiting members from ABSNet, a country-wide organization, who oversee the standards and licensing of NGO and social welfare organizations; and then also hosted their 1st Quarter yearly meeting. (This was really great because I got to meet several of the administrators of other local and regional ministries).

Took almost a week but I finally found a place to have our Rainbow newsletters printed in color.

One of our new piggies died =( We have no idea what could have happened to it! It had not been sick, no fever or diarrhea…but we think it may have been a poisonous snake or insect bite because it was so sudden.  We are hoping to buy 2 more this month.