What Important Truth is Often Neglected Among Christians?

  Photo credit: jean_victor_balin

Lots of surveys examine the connection between American culture and the Christian faith.

One insight I've noticed is the disconnect between the church in general and our culture. No news there, and it's not the first time this disconnect has come.

Many suppositions are made on why this disconnect exists. Perhaps, at the heart of it all, it's because an important truth is overlooked or neglected.

Something not quite right

I became a follower of Jesus during the popular Jesus People Movement of the early seventies. Along with many others, I wandered through a maze of eastern philosophies and religions in the latter half of the turbulent sixties. [You can read more about that in my book]

As a young believer, I realized something I didn't fully understand or articulate until I lived in the Philippines as a missionary in the nineties. It became the impetus for several teaching messages and a book during the early 2000's.

Something troubling

Once again, I see something that troubles me. An important truth of the Christian faith seems to be neglected.

It's not intentional, and yet it continues. Why? It could be for many reasons, but these might only be indicators of the problem.

I have my own thoughts why this is, but it's just one observation. It's an observation based on my experience as a young believer, a pastor, and a cross-cultural missionary. So, it's my personal observation.

What do you think?

So, I thought I'd ask what you think before I share my own thoughts. To make it a little more fun, I'll put it in a multiple choice quiz and an open-ended question.

Which of the following do you think is an important truth that is often neglected?

  1. The fear of God
  2. A call to repentance
  3. Eschatology (end times) and prophecy
  4. The resurrection
  5. Commitment to prayer

[choose one of the five choices, and no... "all of the above" is not a choice] 

What do you think is the central most important truth in the Christian faith, and why do you think this?

You can post your choice, and answer to the question above, in the comments section (on the blog), or whatever social media (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+) you see this on. If it's not connected to my post, I may not see it.

I'm interested to see what you think, and next post I'll share my choice and thoughts on all this.

PS– I grade on a curve