What's the idea of "Beyond the Box"?

So, what's the idea of "Beyond the Box"? The Box" is simply whatever limits our life and trust in God and within His Kingdom. So, this could relate to daily life things, attitudes, actions, words, etc. It could just as easily relate to anything and everything within the world. The question is are we/you willing to move beyond "the box", whatever that may be, since "boxes" are typically man-made? Basically it's simple (I like simple!). If God, is God, and He is all-... powerful... present... knowing, then there really are no limits to Him, or upon Him. Now don't get off on the silly hypothetical arguments about creating a rock so big and heavy that even He can't lift it, etc... why bother?! The point is simply that it's we (people) who impose limits to God and His Kingdom. Most of these limits are based on our own, finite perceptions, imaginations, and so on.

The hoped for purpose of this blog is to consider ways of moving beyond the box we or others have created for God and/or ourselves and others. It is something I like to think about, but also something I want to do... that is, move beyond the box.