A Deep Need

I look up to you, to the one who sits enthroned in heaven.

As servants depend on their masters, as a maid depends on her mistress, 

so we depend on the Lord our God until he has pity [mercy] on us. [vss 1-2]

Have pity [mercy] on us, O Lord. Have pity [mercy] on us because we have suffered more than our share of contempt.

We have suffered more than our share of ridicule from those who are carefree. We have suffered more than our share of contempt from those who are arrogant. [vss 3-4]

A song for going up to worship. (Psalms 123:1-4 GW)

The need for acceptance and approval is a powerful force inside us. Most of us are unaware how this motivates or drives us. But it does.

I've seen this powerful need in the lives of young and old, and those who've been abandoned and abused by others. I've seen it in those closest to me. I've seen it in myself.

The intensity of this inner need may vary for a myriad of reasons and is often proportional to the intensity of hurt or rejection a person experiences in life. Sometimes it runs so deep a person gets lost in it.

Have you ever noticed how a song lyric or scene in a movie can move you emotionally? It taps into something within us. What fascinates me is how the same thing can evoke different responses in different people at different times.

An important part of the need for acceptance and approval is to be understood. If others understood what we've experienced in life, we believe they'd understand who we are and why we are the way we are.

No one knows the depth of bitterness or joy of another person's heart (Prov 14:10). It's often beyond our capacity to express in words.

But God knows everyone and their deepest needs. He understands us better than we understand ourselves. When we begin to realize and understand this, we can begin to receive His acceptance and approval.

This begins with our accepting and receiving His mercy (pity). His mercy is more than forgiveness. It's also understanding. He knows us and understands us (Psa 103:8-14). 

When we genuinely open our hearts to Him, we'll experience His mercy in the very depths of who we are. We will see how He alone can meet our deepest need.

Have you experienced hurt, rejection, contempt, and ridicule from others?

The Lord knows you and your deepest need and wants to pour His mercy upon you.


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