An Internal Plumb Line

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Then you will understand what is right and just and fair— every good course ⌊in life⌋.

Wisdom will come into your heart. Knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.

Foresight will protect you. Understanding will guard you. (Proverbs 2:9-11 GW)

(Context—Proverbs 2:9-22 GW)

People have pursued wisdom since the beginning of time. Philosophers have filled the air and books with millions of words and thoughts with a variety of viewpoints. But philosophy is typically abstract, hypothetical, and theoretical, not practical wisdom.

The wisdom in Proverbs is far more practical than philosophy. It's grounded in truth from God and intended for daily life. This wisdom is to be taken into the deepest part of a person—their spirit and soul—to help them navigate relationships and live a life of integrity.

We all need a trustworthy reference point of truth and wisdom because we live in a world awash in relativism. We need a plumb line—an internal plumb line.

When hanging a picture on the wall, if the ceiling and corners of the wall are not square, what is actually level seems off to the eye. This is the value of a plumb line or level. A plumb line is a weighted string that gives a true vertical line. The weight on the line is held steady by the gravitational pull of the earth.

The wisdom of God is an internal plumb line for daily life. It provides direction and protection for a person's life through wise warnings and practical guidelines. God's wisdom isn't presented in fanciful thoughts but proven insight based on life experience.

God desires integrity of character as a safeguard for a person on a personal level and as a benefit for families, communities, and nations. Looking at our world today, I'd say we're in need of people with integrity in education, leadership, and government at all levels.

Integrity of character starts with each of us. Each person is responsible to pursue integrity for our own benefit and our relationships with others. The truth and wisdom of God is our internal plumb line—grounded in the character and nature of God.

A Final Thought

The Book of Proverbs contains general truisms rather than iron-clad promises or guarantees (see Proverbs Study Guide). The key to gaining the benefits of wisdom is to have knowledge combined with understanding.

The Proverbs are not just rules or theories for having a good life, but practical guidance for a better life. These guidelines lead to understanding for making wise choices in life.


What is the plumb line for your life? What enables you to stand firm and move forward in a good and true way? Integrity is a life choice. It's not complicated but requires honesty of heart. God alone is the source for true integrity of heart.

Prayer Focus—

Prayerfully pursue godly wisdom and integrity of heart through honest prayer, reading and meditating on the truth in the Scriptures, and seeking ways to invest God's truth and wisdom into your daily life.


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