It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to make music to praise your name, O Most High.
It is good to announce your mercy in the morning and your faithfulness in the evening on a ten-stringed instrument and a harp and with a melody on a lyre.
You made me find joy in what you have done, O Lord. I will sing joyfully about the works of your hands.
How spectacular are your works, O Lord! How very deep are your thoughts! [vss 1-5]
A stupid person cannot know and a fool cannot understand that wicked people sprout like grass and all troublemakers blossom ⌊like flowers⌋, only to be destroyed forever.
But you, O Lord, are highly honored forever.
Now look at your enemies, O Lord. Now look at your enemies. They disappear, and all troublemakers are scattered.
But you make me as strong as a wild bull, and soothing lotion is poured on me. My eyes gloat over those who spy on me. My ears hear ⌊the cries⌋ of evildoers attacking me. [vss 6-11]
Righteous people flourish like palm trees and grow tall like the cedars in Lebanon. They are planted in the Lord’s house. They blossom in our God’s courtyards.
Even when they are old, they still bear fruit. They are always healthy and fresh. They make it known that the Lord is decent. He is my rock. He is never unfair. [vss 12-15]

A psalm; a song; for the day of worship. (Psalms 92:1-15 GW)

Health and beauty products became a huge industry over the past two decades. Not only the products but coaches, personal trainers, and consultants related to this multi-billion dollar industry in America.

Millions of people pursue time and life-extending beauty and health. For most of us, it's a battle against time and our desire for vitality, usefulness, and longevity. Yet, deep down we know it's a futile effort.

More than a few times, I've experienced my body's inability to keep up with my mind's ambition. I just can't do what I use to do.

Several years ago during my devotional reading, one verse spoke great encouragement to me. Here's what jumped out to me and encouraged my heart—

Even when they are old, they still bear fruit. They are always healthy and fresh. (Ps 91:14 GW)

What's the secret? Well, this verse is preceded by, "Righteous people flourish...." (vs 12) But there are lots of ideas for what it means to be righteous.

And honestly, some of the people who consider themselves righteous I do not want to emulate because they are caricatures of righteousness rather than genuinely godly people.

What's the key? At the beginning of this psalm, we're pointed in the right direction. 

We're given four exercises for the soul that are the best tonic for a flourishing life—giving thanks, singing praises, declaring the Lord's goodness and mercy in the morning, and His faithfulness in the evening.

All four are directed to the Lord, the source of true and lasting beauty and vitality. True righteousness is internal and relational not behavioral.

A healthy spiritual heart is what's really vital for a flourishing life.

How do you start and end your days?

Make a point to begin and end your day looking to the Lord with a thankful heart, and even in between. Then you shall flourish with vitality and usefulness.


Here's a short video on what it means to flourish—

Ocean City Stories: Flourish

Ocean City Stories: Flourish

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