How Orality Became Part of My Ministry Tool Kit

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This week I'm featuring the first of two podcasts I was privileged to be a part of with Pastor Jeff Jackson and Bryon Mondok of Shepherd's Staff Mission Facilitators whom I've worked with for many years. Shepherd's Staff has also been and still is our agency for handling our missions support for many years.

You might want to check out Part 1 for some background to this podcast– Orality Movement Part 1

I hope it's an encouragement to you and gives you some insight about orality—what it is—and biblical storying and how it became one of the ministry tools I gained in the process of doing ministry overseas and at home in the US.

I've included the link and their summary of the podcast below—


Orality Movement Part Two

June 12, 2018

A subset of the Orality movement is training nationals on the mission field to tell the story of the Bible. In this episode of Facilitating the Mission, veteran pastor and missionary Trip Kimball explains methods he used to train pastors and leaders on the mission field in the Philippines to tell and retell the stories of the Bible so they could be understood in local dialects among audio learners. 

Here are the resources Trip mentioned in the podcast:

Also, here's where you can learn more about Trip's book The Mystery of the Gospel Unraveling God's Story.

Please feel free to share this with others and pass it on to any missionaries who might be interested.

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