More Than a Holiday


Thanksgiving holiday is an American tradition. It's been set aside as a national holiday by a few presidents as a time of reflection and gratitude. 

Of course, as with other things, the significance of Thanksgiving is lost for many.

Many times it's referred to as "Turkey Day," and for some, it's an excuse to eat and drink excessively while sitting in front of a TV.

It's also become a great marketing season that changes the focus of giving thanks to getting things.

My heart is confident, O God. My heart is confident. I want to sing and make music. 
Wake up, my soul! Wake up, harp and lyre! I want to wake up at dawn.
I want to give thanks to you among the people, O Lord. I want to make music to praise you among the nations because your mercy is as high as the heavens. Your truth reaches the skies.
May you be honored above the heavens, O God. Let your glory extend over the whole earth. (Psalm 57:7-11 GW)

Not just a holiday

But thanksgiving (small "t") is far more than an American holiday. It's an attitude of the heart and an act of the will.

It's good to have a day set aside to give thanks and celebrate God's goodness and faithfulness. It's also good to have traditions to enjoy as family and friends to remind us how God has blessed us, and to enjoy one another's company.

Not everyone approaches holidays like Thanksgiving with fond memories or in a present state of abundance.

But we can all choose to give thanks regardless of our circumstances or past. To do this we need to set our hearts and minds on God, who is faithful and trustworthy.

Giving thanks changes us

God knows who we are, our situation, and our needs. When we know Him and focus our hearts and minds—our attention—on Him, it changes us.

Our present circumstances, whether we are in need or abundance, are temporary.

This holiday season, take time to consider God's great love and faithfulness and give thanks!

Giving thanks may not change our circumstances, but it will change our heart and our perspective.

In another place it says,

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you (1 Thess 5:18)

May you enjoy the holiday season regardless of your circumstances.

May you be blessed as you reflect upon God's goodness and faithfulness!