You Are Gods

God takes his place in his own assembly. He pronounces judgment among the gods:

“How long are you going to judge unfairly? How long are you going to side with wicked people?” Selah

Defend weak people and orphans. Protect the rights of the oppressed and the poor. Rescue weak and needy people. Help them escape the power of wicked people.

Wicked people do not know or understand anything. As they walk around in the dark, all the foundations of the earth shake.  [vss1-5]

I said, “You are gods. You are all sons of the Most High.

You will certainly die like humans and fall like any prince.”

Arise, O God! Judge the earth, because all the nations belong to you. [vss6-8]

A psalm by Asaph. (Psalms 82:1-8 GW)

A verse from this psalm is quoted by Jesus when confronted by Jewish leaders about His statement of being one with the Father (John 10:30-33).

Jesus said to them, “Don’t your Scriptures say, ‘I said, “You are gods” ’? (John 10:34)

This causes confusion for some people because of a lack of context for understanding it.

All humans were originally created in the image of God [imago dei] (Gen 1:26-27). But no human is God, although some people may claim to be or hope to become so.

The psalmist becomes a spokesperson for God who rebukes the leaders of Israel, and all nations, for poor leadership and injustice. Because people were originally created in God's image, God expects those in roles of leadership to uphold God's values not their own.

This is why the role of a judge carries great responsibility. It's modeled on the judges who assisted Moses with the leadership of Israel (Exodus 18:18-27). The judges who assisted Moses had delegated authority from Moses who received his authority directly from God.

Don't we expect a similar level of responsibility from our judges and leaders? Isn't this what all people in all nations hope for in their leaders?

And yet, we see much injustice, along with a shirking of responsibility by too many leaders, who make decisions affecting the lives of those under their authority.

Look at what is expected—"Defend... Protect... Rescue... Help...." This is what God expects of anyone in a position of authority over others. Not only judges in courts and government leaders, but among supervisors and even parents.

Each of us is a role model for others in our various roles in life. Each of us has the image of God imprinted in our being.

How do you promote justice and carry responsibility in your life towards others?


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