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Your Ways Will Be Known

I've had the privilege of traveling to many different places in the world because of God's call on my life. And I've worked with many people in various nations. People who love and serve Jesus, just as I do.

They love their homeland and people but their daily life can be a struggle. Their lives are simple because their means for life are basic and limited compared to our American way of life.

Simply put, what we may complain about, they would probably appreciate. We don't just have abundance, we have excess.

A Cost Too High

How much is a life worth? Life is priceless! A person's value is too high to calculate.

Yet, in wrongful-death court cases, various amounts of money are awarded to the family of the victim. The amount varies depending on the circumstances, judge, jury, or even public opinion.

But do any of these monetary awards equal the value of the life lost? No.