A More Sure Hope

A quick look at current events around the world reveals how many disasters and turmoils exist. In one sense, it's nothing new. But our awareness of it all at one time is new because of the internet and social media.

Natural and man-made disasters have occurred throughout history. Conflict over immigration and oppression aren't just American or European issues—they're worldwide and have continued for centuries and centuries.

You're Like What You Trust

It's remarkable how much likeness there is between some dog lovers and their pets. The same is true for couples who've been together a long time, they begin to look and act like one another.

Many people have said they don't want to become like their parents only to realize later in life it's happened. It's kind of scary how we can take on the resemblance of another person or even a pet.

And then we have the expression, "You are what you eat!" Thankfully, we don't resemble what we eat so much as what we eat impacts our health and wellbeing.