A Priest Forever

How long is forever? When does it start and when does it end? It doesn't. This could be a question from a child but forever is a hard concept to grasp.

Our lives are governed by time, so it's difficult to comprehend eternity. Our life begins at conception, then birth, and ends with our last breath and burial.

A Thousand Years, A Single Day

I love to watch tropical thunderstorms! The lightning, wind, rain, and thunder put on a great show, as long as you have shelter to watch it safely. But I don't like driving in these storms!

The power of nature, especially what we call natural disasters, ought to remind us of our Creator's power. It's wise to respect His power. This is an element of godly fear. Not anxiety but respect, awe, wonder.

May All Kings Worship Him

King Solomon was a great king of Israel. He inherited a united kingdom that endured great struggles before he became king. His father, King David, was given a promise that looked ahead to the coming of the Messiah and an eternal kingdom (2 Sam 7:12-16).

God gave King Solomon great wisdom, along with great blessings. Solomon understood that the Kingdom of Israel was God's kingdom, not his own. This psalm reflects that insight.

A Scepter for Justice

This psalm was written as a love song with a composite picture in mind of a Jewish king and his bride. It is considered a Messianic psalm because parts of it are quoted in Hebrews 1:8-9 in reference to Jesus Christ (Messiah).

The imagery and wording speak of a king who is immortal. It looks ahead to the long-awaited Jewish Messiah establishing His kingdom on earth. A kingdom noted for its eternal permanence, favor, and justice.

Today, social justice is a hot topic, but clamoring for justice is nothing new. Protests, even revolutions, are undertaken for the cause of justice. But true justice isn't a legal issue, it's a moral one.