Journalists embedded with combat troops made the Viet Nam conflict the first televised war. Network news brought the war into American living rooms every evening. It was an undeclared war that brought continuing protests on college campuses, at military induction centers, and government monuments for over a decade.

Televising this "conflict" fought on the other side of the world created a tug-a-war for the American psyche. The embedded journalists revealed the realities of the daily struggle of war, as thousands of young soldiers died in an undeclared war that divided a nation.

It was not a bright spot in American history, but it brought about a more honest view of combat and politics that lingers today.


Aren’t we all in pursuit of an easy life?

We all want to be stress-free. We all want to find peace. We all strive for security. Yet all this striving creates a mentality of fear within us.

I am 28 and balding, which is a sign of a stressful life. I don’t have health insurance. So pray I don’t get cancer. Most of all, when I lay down in bed I worry about not leaving a legacy.