Devos and Studies

A Little Lower

Why is it so important that Jesus—God's Son—became human? Is it? Yes! But why? For one thing, people say they would believe in God, if only He appeared in front of them. If they could see Him, they'd believe.

Jesus did just that, but long before any of us reading this were alive.

He experienced life and death on earth for humanity's benefit.

Don't Drift Away

I've lived near an ocean most of my life—in Southern California, the Visayan region of the Philippines, and now in NE Florida. I'm familiar with the power of currents and tides.

Solid footing, secure moorings, and anchors are needed to prevent a person or a vessel from drifting off. Even where currents are gentle, if a boat isn't tied securely to its mooring it will drift away.

Rivers can be treacherous and even lakes when unexpected squalls kick up. Jesus' disciples knew this from experience. They also learned to not rely upon their own expertise and experience when it came to matters of faith.

Ever the Same

Long ago King Solomon declared with a sigh, " There is nothing new under the sun" (Eccl 1:9). Centuries later, William Shakespeare echoed this conclusion.

And yet, change itself seems constant and continual. Sure, new discoveries are made, but these often reveal what already was. New inventions bring change, yet the nature of people hasn't changed, nor the necessities and priorities of daily life.

Continuous changes around us tend to distract us from the one constancy all people rely on more than anyone realizes.