Full Access

When my family was young and I was a young father and pastor, finding a quiet time and place to study could be a challenge. As my children grew older, when I was in my small study at home, they understood I was at work on my messages for the church.

But it was different for the younger children, as my wife pointed out many times. They could burst into my little study anytime they wanted. Later, my church office staff learned that when my wife called, she had priority over who was in my office or what I was working on.

The Lord helped me see this is the access we have Him, even when we're older. We can burst into the Lord's presence whenever and whatever the need.

The door is never closed to the Father's presence for those of us who know Him as our Father. He always has time for us and gives us His full attention.

Our Touchpoint

An important part of counseling at any level, for whatever the need may be, is trust. Often, what builds trust is when we know a person identifies with our situation and knows what we're going through.

Peer counseling in self-help groups, even with Christian fellowship, can be reassuring because of shared experiences in life.

In matters of faith, we also need to have similar assurances. This is an important reason for Jesus, God's Son, becoming human to live among us.